BE YOU — The world will adjust

Every human born in this planet is unique, has his/her own characteristics, skills and talents. Everyone has a purpose, there is always a reason why we are here and why we aren’t similar. Majority of us try to live our lives as a replica of someone else, so we could gain similar fame, name and money they have acquired and end up short. This reminds me of a famous saying from Bhagavad Gita, “ It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of someone else life with perfection”. Like the butterfly that fails to admire the beauty of its own wings, most of us fail to unleash our hidden potential, comparing ourselves with others and settling for a mediocre life. The biggest failure is not failing in our attempts to reach our goals, it is failing as someone else.

The two sentences that have troubled many lives are, “ what will they think “ and “ what will they say”, let’s stop living for the society and start living for us. Everybody is judgmental and you are nobody to change the perception of others, so stop living for their acceptance. Never change yourself so people will like you, be you, the right ones will come to you. Never please others to make your presence felt, instead try to make your absence felt. Spend your energy on learning and growing, pour yourself into your ideas and dreams. You gotta dream, you gotta protect it. If people can’t do something themselves, they tell you you can’t do it too. If you want something, you go get it, period. ( “ The pursuit of happyness”).

Your thoughts define you, like the magnet that attracts iron particles. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, use affirmatives. You need to be proud of yourself for all the battles that you have fought and for being resilient. The comebacks are always stronger than your setbacks, be positive, “ What you sow is what you reap”. Do what you feel is right, be honest and never give it a second thought. Do things that makes you happy and alive, never seek for validations. Take care of your mental health, don’t take life too seriously, in the end none of us are going to get out of it alive.

Things around you change, people in your surroundings change, but what won’t change is who you are deep inside- beautiful , limitless, wonderful, creative, strong and capable. It is better to be a loner lion than a popular sheep, in order to stand out in the books of history you gotta be unique, so always BE YOU.

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